NudeAudio Launches In Hong Kong @ Konzepp

When approaching Hong Kong with our new ‘Move’ range we wanted to find a launch partner who shared the same passion for design as we have. In a city rich with culture and with a surprising number of design and fashion stores, one store clearly stood out – Konzepp.

Founded by Willie Chan (former manager of Jacky Chan) and Geoff Tsui (Celebrity Designer), the store is truly a stand out space and great place to go and find some unique products. We fell in love with the Konzepp philosophy and approach and were delighted that they had a mutual appreciation of the NudeAudio range and were willing to partner with us to hold our Hong Kong launch party.

Nestled in the back streets of Sheung Wan (HK), you will find Konzepp with it’s iconic, bold yellow shop front. Luckily the store is on a dead-end road, which allowed the 250+ people in attendance to spill onto the street.

We’re glad that everybody had such a good time and hope to back soon!