Cool Hunting ‘Move’ Speaker Range Review & Interview

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We loaned out our Chief Creative Office (Peter Riering-Czekalla) to spend the morning with Cool Hunting’s reporter Nara Shin. Read further to see some of the interview highlights and hear what she thought about the range.

The first quote from Peter starts with: “We don’t believe that the world needs another premium speaker brand, but needs something that delivers good design: Simple, engaging, playful and personality without trying too hard—at a fair price. We want to be the countertrend to over-premiumization.”

The article then leads on to say: NudeAudio achieves great sound quality at half the price by stripping away all of those “additional” features many consumer speakers boast—such as dual or stereo pairing, talk-back and alarm functions. “Simple design is the way of keeping the cost accessible. The only feature we added is the microphone so you can make phone calls—and so friends can join the call.” Focusing on just the essential audio feature allowed NudeAudio to devote more funds to higher quality amplifiers and drivers for their speakers. They also avoid celebrity endorsements and large advertising campaigns as not to pass those costs onto the customer; instead, they rely mostly on word of mouth.

We’re pleased to report that having used the speakers, Cool Hunting had some rather nice things to say about our bluetooth speakers. Here’s their closing remarks:

“Overall, the “Move” speakers are remarkably loud and crisp and even the smallest speaker packs a huge punch. They are charged and ready to go as soon as the box is opened; the battery lasts eight hours and is rechargeable with the provided USB charging cable. For outdoor use, we recommend the M, which had the strongest combination of portability and sound quality. For moving within the house, the larger L has full-range sound and doesn’t clip, even when cranked all the way up.