Minimal Design. Serious Sound.

Instead of having massive advertizing budgets that require us to pass high costs on to our customers, we invest in what matters: Minimal design and serious sound — at a price that is as approachable as our products themselves.

We take great care to create things that are
reduced to the essence so we can deliver a
sound experiencethat moves you. Nothing
precious. Nothing frivolous. Just great
looking audio — with sound to match.

How we do it.

Uncompromized acoustics

by dedicating the majority of our product budget on the actual audio technology.

Simple aesthetics

without unnecessary bling keeps cost and complexity down.

Focused features

allow us to do the most important things at a higher level of quality.

Tom Dudderidge

“It’s as much about what we decided not to do, as it is about what we chose to do. In order to deliver premium products at affordable prices, our approach is all about focusing on what matters most: streamlined features and functionality, aesthetic simplicity and prioritizing acoustics over marketing.”

Peter Riering-Czekalla
Chief Design Officer

“We began with a blank canvas in order to bring a genuinely fresh design sensibility and norm-challenging approach to the traditional CE industry. Our mantra is ‘passionate about design, serious about sound.’ Delivering on that is our key motivation. We hope that will be self evident when you see — and hear — the products for yourself.”

Happy Listening.